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Lookin? Hot, Lookin Cool In Designer Sunglasses For Urban Professionals (among Other Things)

Fast fact: Did you know that sunglasses were called sun cheaters in the early 20th century? It must be because its primary function was to cheat the sun of its destructive power to our eyes.

But trust modern humans to turn a thing of functional form into a thing of fine fashion; or both, if most designer sunglasses for urban professionals are things to be measured by. Nowadays, you see many knock-off sunglasses lining the sidewalk and authentic designer sunglasses lining the shelves and finding their way into the noses (and ears, too) of just about everybody.

Look Hot, Look Cool

If your memory goes back a few years, you will remember an advertising blurb that goes ?Are you cool because you?re hot or hot because you?re cool?? You will think that this is one good food for thought because in the fashion world, being hot is equated with being cool! Look at all those famous people who wear designer sunglasses for urban professionals just like yours ? they are hot property because they know how to look cool from head to toe.

Lest you think that only famous celebrities with equally famous caches of cash and coterie of stylists know how to look both hot and cool, just follow these basic guidelines when purchasing and wearing clothes and personal accessories like designer sunglasses for urban professionals, to wit:

The trendier an item looks, the faster it will wear out its welcome. If possible, opt for classic items in your wardrobe that will not go out of style in the foreseeable future ? jeans and shirts, sandals and heels and a few reliable designer bags and designer sunglasses for urban professionals like you. Purchase trendy items only when you see them updating your wardrobe and when you foresee their eventual comeback as vintage items (fashion comes in cycles, you see).

The minimalist look is best. As a working professional, you want to look polished and put-together, not cluttered and out-there. If you have a bejeweled handbag, opt for simpler clothes and vice-versa. If you are going into a meeting, avoid blatantly sexy outfits unless your purpose is to seduce the board into submission. (Some will appreciate the view but others will not look too favorably).

Know thyself, including your body and face shape. You have to wear clothes that flatter your figure and designer sunglasses for urban professionals that complement your face. This way, you will always look presentable, if not at your best, no matter what you are draping on your body and perching on your nose.

Always go for what is comfortable for you instead of what is fashionable for others. You might look good and feel good in basic jeans and tee topped with aviator sunglasses but that does not mean that you will be in tight latex leggings and baby dresses with Jackie O sunglasses! Fashionable, yes, but are you comfortable with the (unfavorable) scrutiny?

Ultimately, you should wear what looks good and feels good on you. When you do that, you will feel like a hottie with a cool attitude! Not even all the bonuses and perks in your job can give you that kind of self-confidence.

Designer is as Designer Does

The need to patronize the real McCoy when it comes to sunglasses cannot be overemphasized. You well know these facts of life by now:

Buying counterfeit designer sunglasses for urban professionals significantly contribute to the undermining of the fashion industry. You can be a party to child labor, drug trafficking, organized crime, as a New York ad reminds its readers. Or look at it this way ? you will become a cheapskate fashion victim with the office reputation, to boot!

You are exposing your eyes to the sun?s harmful rays through the ineffective filtering action of counterfeit lenses. In the long run, you might have saved a few hundred dollars but you will have caused more damage to your eyes. It is better to buy authentic designer sunglasses for urban professionals for yourself, splurge a bit and have the guarantee that not only will you look fashionable but you will also be fully protected.

Best of all, you are combining form and function with fashion without breaking the bank and breaking your back working to pay the bank! Sunglasses are guilty pleasures that are relatively affordable.

Then there is also the fact that designer sunglasses for urban professionals look different with different faces. You will not worry about meeting somebody with the same sunglasses and both of you looking the same. Just pair it with different clothes and you will be one unique (and hot and cool) mama (or daddy)!

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