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Important Fibres Of Technical Textile Industry – Part 2

In our former article entitled ‘Important fibres of technical textile industry – Part 1’ , we discussed about five fibres Polyethylene, Polyester, Nylon, Carbon and Polypropylene. In this article we would be covering other five major fibres of technical textile industry. The properties, application and leading manufacturers are also covered. These fibres are listed below: […]

Fastrack Watches For The Ultra Modern Girls

Titan for women with price can be categorized and displayed successfully in the online shopping sites. Raga is the collection of that are sensual and elegantly designed after the inspiration got from the classic European cities like Raga Venetia, Raga Eiffel, Raga Mosaic, Raga Florence, etc., Nebula is the collection in which craftsmanship excels with […]

High Value Tips To Buy Handbags

Though the use of handbags as fashion accessory is centuries old, the modern fashion world seems to use them with a vigor unseen before. They have become an important tool to enhance someone’s personality. Obviously, these handbags are the latest rage among fashionable ladies and they consider it as an added value point for their […]

Long Women Hairstyles

The long hairstyles excite men’s imagination and are always in fashion. All you need to raise a beautiful long hair are patience and attention. As a result you will feel alluring in a completely new way. The attractive long haircuts needs beautiful long hair. To achieve it you need complete and appropriate care for your […]

Wholesale Sunglasses For Beautifying Your Personality And Protect Eyes At Fewer Prices

Today, sunglasses have become the most important accessories in ones wardrobe not only for looking fine but to safeguard eyes a well. The sunglasses add a charm into your personality and make you different from the normal horde of people. Searching sunglasses is not an easy task, for that the option of wholesale sunglasses comes […]

How Can Collar Stays Help You

Men find a great difficulty to maintain their collars. At times, the collar themselves do not remain crisp or at times, they tend to be dirty very often. At the same time, it is also very necessary to keep the collar in place because it is the collar of the shirt that gives the first […]

Seksy Watches ? A Must Have For Every Fashionista!

Seksy Watches ? Aimed at the Young and Stylish Seksy watches were launched in 2004 and are made by the watch manufacturing giant Sekonda. Seksy watches are aimed at the younger and trend/fashion conscious consumers and thus the watches are more budget friendly in comparison to some other high end designer brands. The first ever […]