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Salma Hayek And Gucci New Jackie Bags

Again we have her clear to the camera. Yes, she is Salma Heyek. Again she is spotted with her adorable baby in arms. Salma really knows how to dress herself up. Let?s have a look of all her outfits?red cardigan, neck tied scarf, black leather skirt, paperboy hat and black moccasins.

Except for her mysterious out look, we should not miss her glamorous giant red Gucci bag. You may have seen her worn the Gucci Jackie bag before, but you definitely have not seen her carrying this striking New Gucci Jackie Large Bag. This dark red Gucci leather bag is gorgeous and stunning in itself.

Featuring tassels and wooden beads, the bag can be carried for times to come. No wander Salma can wearing this bag for months and do not let it go. The bag is among the Gucci Fall Winter Collection and you can check it out either in boutique or online.

Looking For Fashion Accessories Online

For years people have used fashion accessories to help accent their wardrobes. Everything from jewelry to shoes have been made by various designers to make the perfect outfit gleam and stand out from all the others. One of the best accessories that was ever created happens to be the handbag.

Almost all women carry some sort of purse with them at all times when they are out and about. If a person wants to make sure that they have the best totes available, then they should shop on the internet.

One of the first places on the net where one should begin looking for the perfect accessories to complement their outfit is ebay. This is the best one stop shop for everything from handbags to jewelry.

However, if one does not want to register or set up a paypal account, then Ebay may not be for them. But, for those divas who want the best deals on gently used items, they should definitely check out the assortment that Ebay has to offer.

Another perfect website for those looking for fashion accessories is Overstock. Anything from almost every top designer can be found using this search engine. The prices that are found on this website are very reasonable, and if one would like to invest in designer items, then they can visit the designer’s handbag shop, which will carry a ton of accessories from sunglasses to handbags. Fashion accessory shopping has never been easier.

Fashion accessories come in all shapes and sizes. If a person is looking for a top fashion accessory, then perhaps they should be looking for the best Prada handbag they can find. A great place to do just that is on the internet. With the technology that is at your fingertips, one can find numerous websites devoted to shopping for accessories that will keep them in style and up to date with the new trends. Shopping has never been simpler.

Lookin? Hot, Lookin Cool In Designer Sunglasses For Urban Professionals (among Other Things)

Fast fact: Did you know that sunglasses were called sun cheaters in the early 20th century? It must be because its primary function was to cheat the sun of its destructive power to our eyes.

But trust modern humans to turn a thing of functional form into a thing of fine fashion; or both, if most designer sunglasses for urban professionals are things to be measured by. Nowadays, you see many knock-off sunglasses lining the sidewalk and authentic designer sunglasses lining the shelves and finding their way into the noses (and ears, too) of just about everybody.

Look Hot, Look Cool

If your memory goes back a few years, you will remember an advertising blurb that goes ?Are you cool because you?re hot or hot because you?re cool?? You will think that this is one good food for thought because in the fashion world, being hot is equated with being cool! Look at all those famous people who wear designer sunglasses for urban professionals just like yours ? they are hot property because they know how to look cool from head to toe.

Lest you think that only famous celebrities with equally famous caches of cash and coterie of stylists know how to look both hot and cool, just follow these basic guidelines when purchasing and wearing clothes and personal accessories like designer sunglasses for urban professionals, to wit:

The trendier an item looks, the faster it will wear out its welcome. If possible, opt for classic items in your wardrobe that will not go out of style in the foreseeable future ? jeans and shirts, sandals and heels and a few reliable designer bags and designer sunglasses for urban professionals like you. Purchase trendy items only when you see them updating your wardrobe and when you foresee their eventual comeback as vintage items (fashion comes in cycles, you see).

The minimalist look is best. As a working professional, you want to look polished and put-together, not cluttered and out-there. If you have a bejeweled handbag, opt for simpler clothes and vice-versa. If you are going into a meeting, avoid blatantly sexy outfits unless your purpose is to seduce the board into submission. (Some will appreciate the view but others will not look too favorably).

Know thyself, including your body and face shape. You have to wear clothes that flatter your figure and designer sunglasses for urban professionals that complement your face. This way, you will always look presentable, if not at your best, no matter what you are draping on your body and perching on your nose.

Always go for what is comfortable for you instead of what is fashionable for others. You might look good and feel good in basic jeans and tee topped with aviator sunglasses but that does not mean that you will be in tight latex leggings and baby dresses with Jackie O sunglasses! Fashionable, yes, but are you comfortable with the (unfavorable) scrutiny?

Ultimately, you should wear what looks good and feels good on you. When you do that, you will feel like a hottie with a cool attitude! Not even all the bonuses and perks in your job can give you that kind of self-confidence.

Designer is as Designer Does

The need to patronize the real McCoy when it comes to sunglasses cannot be overemphasized. You well know these facts of life by now:

Buying counterfeit designer sunglasses for urban professionals significantly contribute to the undermining of the fashion industry. You can be a party to child labor, drug trafficking, organized crime, as a New York ad reminds its readers. Or look at it this way ? you will become a cheapskate fashion victim with the office reputation, to boot!

You are exposing your eyes to the sun?s harmful rays through the ineffective filtering action of counterfeit lenses. In the long run, you might have saved a few hundred dollars but you will have caused more damage to your eyes. It is better to buy authentic designer sunglasses for urban professionals for yourself, splurge a bit and have the guarantee that not only will you look fashionable but you will also be fully protected.

Best of all, you are combining form and function with fashion without breaking the bank and breaking your back working to pay the bank! Sunglasses are guilty pleasures that are relatively affordable.

Then there is also the fact that designer sunglasses for urban professionals look different with different faces. You will not worry about meeting somebody with the same sunglasses and both of you looking the same. Just pair it with different clothes and you will be one unique (and hot and cool) mama (or daddy)!

Eco Fashion Tips

With more and more “Green” products entering the mainstream, it seems as if everyone is looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. But what about fashion? Is it possible to be environmentally sensitive and still maintain your personal style? The answer is unequivocally “yes,” but it does take a little scouting around to find the right retailer for your needs.

First, let’s define what it means to be eco-fashionable. Although it might be hard to find all of the following criteria in a single piece of clothing, you can begin to build your wardrobe around these environmentally-safe choices:

1. Locally Sourced
Purchasing items that are locally sourced is sometimes the most environmentally-sound decision you can make, because the products are not traveling a distance to get to you, and are therefore not contributing to the massive byproducts of shipping products around the world.

2. Fairly Traded
This is really about the moral background of your wardrobe. Was it made by people paid a living wage in reasonable working conditions? Fair trade means that producers are paid fair prices for their products, instead of the prices that the market will allow. This means that you will probably pay more for eco-conscious clothing, but you are supporting people who need money for housing, clean water, food, health care, education.

3. Organic
Much of our clothing is made of cotton and cotton blends, and cotton is a massive crop that, like many of our food crops, often requires extensive pesticide and chemical byproducts to produce. Popular demand for cheap cotton has increased crop production, which has also increased pesticide use. Cotton is the most pesticide-dependent crop in the world, accounting for 25% of all pesticide use. In fact, most cotton T-shirts require up to 1/4 lb. of harmful chemicals to produce. Instead, seek organic cotton for your clothing, as it offers fewer chemicals and is grown and harvested in an environmentally-sound manner.

4. Recycled
The vintage fashion trend has more legs than you ever realized when you add in the fact that you are actually recycling and dressing fashionably! So check out vintage stores and consignment shops, and also keep an eye out for designers who take vintage pieces and overstock fabrics to create new designs. These designers use recycled materials like old T-shirts, ties, scarves, dresses, costumes and curtains to create custom-designed, one-of-a-kind creations.

5. Sustainable
Sustainable products are made from renewable resources that don’t overly tax the Earth. Ideal sustainable resources are those that can be replaced at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which they are consumed. Some great options for clothing include bamboo, which is a fast-growing crop that requires no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Surprisingly, this amazing plant creates cashmere-like knits and silky-smooth fabrics.

6. Eco-conscious Production
This refers to the process of producing the fabrics, which can be highly energy-inefficient and polluting to the environment. Instead, look for products from wind-powered factories that use recycled waste-water.

7. Eco-conscious Companies
In addition to employing eco-friendly practices, eco-conscious companies often donate a percentage of profits to eco-related causes.

Eco-fashion is all about choosing materials that have been created with the Earth in mind. By taking a long-term view of how our actions affect future generations and making sure that we don’t deplete resources or cause pollution, we can help ensure a healthy Earth as well as maintain a sense of doing something good while also looking good.

To find eco-fashion, simply search online. Also check out magazines and online publications that review topics of organic crops, sustainability, and the other items listed in this article. Most of all, remember that you can be both fashionable and “green,” you just have to look for the opportunity to do so.

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Comparing Diamonds And Moissanite

Whether to choose a diamond or a moissanite is actually a matter of choice. Moissanite is gorgeous, eye-catching jewelry and is budget-friendly. It does, however, represent a far less valuable financial investment, meaning the market and resale value is lower. It really depends on what the purchase is for.

To the untrained eye, it is almost impossible to tell the two apart. Moissanite and diamonds cannot be told apart without the patented Model 590 Charles & Colvard, Ltd. tester. Viewed at a certain distance from the naked eye under the illumination of a penlight, you will know a moissanite double refraction of light. This will show up in a rainbow pattern that is not present in diamonds.

If there is the presence of miniscule pipe-like inclusions under magnification, that would indicate that the stone under examination is a moissanite.

The most significant difference between diamonds and moissanite is that of industrial applications. A diamond has a legendary value as ‘anvil material’ that moissanite does not have owing to its inherent elasticity under extreme heat conditions. Moissanite is unstable at temperatures exceeding 400 degrees and is quite unreliable at temperatures reaching 1000 degrees. Moissanite also has so-called “”shear stress”” properties.

After further development in the manufacturing process, it is possible that moissanite will match diamond’s industrial value. Currently, diamond is still the best for industrial-grade hardness.

Have you heard about “The Four Cs of Diamonds?”- cut, clarity, color, and carat determine diamond grade. A diamond certificate is provided for each diamond and includes grades for each of the four Cs as documented by a gemologist.

Cut refers to the physical cut, not the shape of the diamond; it affects the brilliance of the diamond. If the cut is too shallow or too deep, the refraction of the light detracts from the brilliance. Grades for cut include Ideal, premium, very good, good, fair and poor. Noe that only the round diamonds have the ideal grade.

Clarity measures the purity of the diamond. Most diamonds include some flaws, called inclusions. All but the rare flawless diamonds contain inclusions of varying numbers and sizes. The purity of the diamond is measured. Clarity grades the appearance under 10X magnification. Top grades include F (flawless- you’ll never see this), IF (internally flawless, you’ll never afford it), VVS1-VVS2 (very, very slightly flawed-This is a ittle more realistic), VS1-VS2 (very slightly flawed), and SI1-SI2 (slightly flawed). All but the VS1-VS2 and SI1-SI2 diamonds contain flaws that are invisible or barely visible under 10X magnification. Lesser grades include I1- -I3 (flawed and obvious without magnification). If price is a consideration, then invisible to the naked eye is the way to go.

Color suggests the absence of color in diamonds. The finest diamonds are colorless, which allows them to absorb and reflect more light, allowing more brilliance. White diamonds range from ice white to light yellow. Color is graded on a scale from D-Z, with D-grade diamonds being colorless and Z-grade diamonds containing the most color. Grades G-J are near colorless to the human eye, and offer the best value for the money.

Carat refers to weight. Large diamonds are rare so the price rises exponentially rather than arithmetically according to carat weight.

Important Fibres Of Technical Textile Industry – Part 2

In our former article entitled ‘Important fibres of technical textile industry – Part 1’ , we discussed about five fibres Polyethylene, Polyester, Nylon, Carbon and Polypropylene. In this article we would be covering other five major fibres of technical textile industry. The properties, application and leading manufacturers are also covered.

These fibres are listed below:

1. Glass fibre

2. Viscose fibre

3. Acrylic fibre

4. Protein fibre

5. Metal fibre

Glass Fibre


Glass fibre is obtained from the fine fibres of the glass. Fibre glass is formed from fine silica strands. Glass itself is a crystalline solid. Basically glass fibre is a polymer. The common properties of glass fibre are as follows.

* High strength * Non flammable * Relatively insensitive to moisture * Good electrical insulation * High production rates * Relatively low density * Good chemical resistance * Relatively low fatigue resistance * Good strength properties in various conditions * Relatively low density * Low modulus * Good electrical resistance * Low cost

Application of Glass fibre
* Reinforcement material in polymer matrix composites * Laminate structures can be used in storage tanks * Woven fabrics are used in production of surfboards, composite panels and other similar devices * Useful for good thermal insulation

Manufacturers of Glass fibre
* Saint-Gobain Vertex, s.r.o. * Nippon Electric Glass Trading Co., Ltd. * Central Glass Co., Ltd. * Texas Fiberglass Group * Snoma Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

Viscose fibre


Viscose rayon is a cellulosic fibre, which is manufactured by regeneration. It is neither a synthetic fibre nor a natural fibre fully because it is obtained from naturally occurring polymers.

* Viscose has silk like feel and drape * It retains its colors * It has cellulosic base so it has many properties like cotton and natural cellulosic fibre * Moisture absorbent * Comfortable to wear * Breathable * Easily dyed in vivid colors * It does not build up static electricity * Moderate dry strength and abrasion resistance

Application of Viscose fibre
* Apparel uses like jackets, dresses etc. * Industry uses like tire cord * Medical surgery products * Furnishings like upholstery, bed spreads etc.

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Discount Cologne? Economical Way Of Being Fresh And Smelling

To maintain cleanliness and hygiene in our body we adopt some daily measures, which help us to stay fit and healthy. We regularly take bath in order to keep away from the skin diseases and maintain cleanliness of the body. Taking bath in the morning will not help to maintain the freshness throughout the day and to fight from the dust and germs one certainly needs something else that will help to keep fresh all through the day. To successfully meet this requirement one need colognes and deodorants that are quite essential for keeping one refresh all through the day. One carries out in-depth market research and study to avail best deal in cologne. Discount cologne is the best option for availing quality products at reduced price.

Discounted cologne is marketed in the same way as designer cologne as these are also very enticing and alluring. Actually discount cologne and designer colognes uses same type of ingredients, the only difference is the amount of ingredients used. In designer cologne the ingredients used for the formulation of cologne is more than the discount cologne. Discount cologne make up for the ingredients with butane and other chemicals, which results in the limited life of the fragrance of the cologne. In spite of this fact, some of the brands of discounted cologne still last for very long period.

One should try it himself to see the effect of discount cologne, as after using only one will be able to find out its effect and cause. Cologne smells differently on each individual as the type of skin and body chemistry determines the smell of the cologne. Before purchasing discounted cologne always go through its composition as it may contain some ingredients that might not be suitable for your skin. It is always safe to use the cologne that is formulated with the ingredients that is safe for your skin otherwise some skin allergy can be caused. This is very important for people who have allergies and skin problem.

Discounted cologne is the best option for people who cannot afford designer and other branded cologne. It is considered as the economical alternative of designer cologne that keeps one refresh and smelling all through the day. It is not necessary that only expensive cologne will leave a lasting impact, but with little bit of knowledge and understanding about cologne one can avail the best product at quite reasonable price. To avail both quality and competitive price, one needs to spend some time on the shopping of cologne and deodorants.

How To Succeed Beauty

Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Inc is an inspirational figure for women in business all over the world. After working for 25 years in the direct sales industry, she eventually became disillusioned about the limited advancement opportunities for women, regardless of their business credentials. Mrs Ash used her meagre $5000 in savings to launch her own line of beauty products in 1963 and has never looked back. To date, the Mary Kay brand has generated in excess of $2.4 billion in sales.

Eleanor Roosevelt came from humble roots. Her mother died when she was 8, her father was institutionalized due to alcoholism and died when Eleanor was 10. She herself was not blessed with physical beauty. More importantly she overcame adversity, she is credited with the following phrase, “do one scary thing everyday”. We have adopted this philosophy as the cornerstone of achieving of life goals.

Although Greece and holidays go hand-in-hand, the country has been slightly eclipsed in recent years by the growth of new tourism destinations such as Greece’s old rival Turkey, and Croatia. However, Greece holidays still retain the ability to tempt, with their combination of history, culture and sun-soaked relaxation.

Built upon myth and legend, Greece and its islands are bursting with places of beauty and interest. Visitors can choose to unwind on its beaches, explore its rich history or discover its many unspoilt villages. Greece is a gastronomic delight as well, with delicious eating and drinking opportunities wherever you go.

Apriori Beauty was founded by Candace Keefe, Susan Twellman, and Elizabeth Vervynck. The company launched in the summer of 2009. Their philosophy is approaching beauty from the inside out which is a combination of the super juice antioxidant drink called Lifeoxylin and the skin care system called Celloxylin. The two products work together to create the most optimal approach to taking care of yourself at the cellular level.

The products are all natural and organic with zero parabens, sulfate, synthetic fragrances or dyes, and zero harsh or toxic chemicals. Apriori Beauty is also a proud signer of the Safe Cosmetics Campaign. As a business opportunity, Apriori Beauty is a network marketing company, which means you have the ability to retail products as well as team building to earn a residual income.

Realize the importance of self esteem. Success in life is determined by your self concept. You should therefore do everything in your power to improve your positive feelings about your self while holding on to your humility. What you achieve depends largely on self belief. If you think you can do it, you can. If you do not expect much of your self, you will not go very far up the ladder.

Dating Russian girls in the right manner could mean finding a great companion in life. Russian women are known for their intense beauty that leave most men wide eyed. They are an interesting lot of women who are extremely lovable. They are excellent home makers. A western man needs to do a lot to get their attention to date them. This is because of the difference in culture and other aspects. As a man wishing to date Russian women, you need a few pointers that will lead you into the right direction.

A common mistake that new internet marketers make is failing to find and market to a clearly defined micro-niche market. This is the cause of a large proportion of small internet business failures. There are many well established businesses in broad markets like “internet marketing” or “self improvement.” If you do not narrow down your market, you will put yourself against very tough competition, which includes the most established, most experienced and most successful marketers on the internet.

Rebecca Williams is a licensed esthetician in California. She received her education in Oregon at Phagan’s Beauty College. Luckily, Oregon requires more hours than California to be an esthetician. When she moved to California she didn’t need to get extra schooling. Be sure to check requirements for the state in which you wish to practice. Williams is currently working on her doctorate in organizational leadership at Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA).

Good health, if not a robust one is an essential prerequisite to success in most things including examinations. The mind and the body are dependant upon each other. If one deteriorates, the other is likely to deteriorate sooner rather than later. A fundamental requirement for maintaining good health is physical exercise. Physical activity not only improves health but it also improves circulation of fresh healthy blood to the brain. It improves alertness and concentration, a must for a brilliant performance in any examinations.

When Christmas or any other festival which encourages family gatherings arrives, many people get irritated by their relatives and try to change their more annoying habits. This is usually a waste of time and tends to make matters worse.

Don?t waste time when you try to change other people. Changing others is possible but the only person you can be sure of influencing is yourself. Even Jesus, who taught that we should give second chances and more, told his disciples to move on if their audience was not prepared to listen to them.

Fastrack Watches For The Ultra Modern Girls

Titan for women with price can be categorized and displayed successfully in the online shopping sites. Raga is the collection of that are sensual and elegantly designed after the inspiration got from the classic European cities like Raga Venetia, Raga Eiffel, Raga Mosaic, Raga Florence, etc., Nebula is the collection in which craftsmanship excels with solid gold. It is a jewelry mingled with latest technology. This series of Titan for women with price starts from 18,000 rupees.

Zoop is the collection of Titan for cute little children. They are funky contributions from Titan depicting high imagination of the talented and energetic children of modern society. They come with attractive bright colors, fantastic designs and childlike appearance. Obaku collections display simplicity, Automatic collections with perfect precision for the slightest movements of the wearer with world class technology in timekeeping. Finally the Bandhan collection of Titan is for the made for each other couple.

Fastrack are the popular brand from Titan. They are the darling of girls and boys who love trendy designs and unique styles. The popularity for Fastrack watches among the youth is due to its variety of design patterns and trendy styles. The designs reflect the mentality of youth. Fastrack watches for girls are available in the most attractive patterns and designs. They are very fashionable with the latest features and technology and also available in all price ranges from minimum to maximum cost. Fastrack watches for girls are necessary as an accessory matching with their dress and attitude.

The highlighting feature of Fastrack watches are their blending quality. They have a mix and match facility. Watches for boys are dashing and watches for girls are beautiful with delicate and intricate designs. Fastrack watches for girls are ideal for all types of occasions whether it is a party or a casual visit, these matches for the occasion. Leather collections as well as collections in plastic and metal are available in Fastrack watches. They have introduced some special series of style wise collections such as army style and campus style watches.

Online purchasing is fast increasing and hence all shopping web portals provide safe and secure payment gateways. It is very much convenient and easy to shop online. Online shopping portals provide you the opportunity to view and select from all brands of watches. In addition, you can get Titan watches for women with price much lower than the normal shops due to the discounts and offers.

How To Buy Good Contacts

With so many brands on the market, how do you know which contact lens brands will be right for you. A good start is to talk with your optometrist, but below is a bit of information on whether Acuvue or Proclear contacts would better suit your specific condition and needs.

Acuvue contacts are a great brand with a reputation for quality products that aim to please customers with comfort, reliability and unique one-day and reusable contacts.

Proclear contact lenses lead the market in the multifocal arena, for those of you who have dual prescriptions for distance and up close. With an increase in TV watching, computer use and video gaming this category of vision-impaired individuals is growing, and proclear is there with multifocal lenses that lead the market.

Focus contact lenses are great for buying in bulk. Their high-quality value packs make this perfect for people witch stable prescription who want to buy the contact lenses they will need for several months so they don?t have to worry about reordering contacts for a while. Meanwhile, Focus contacts are well known for both the reusable and one-day contacts, making them a great company to buy from if you prefer a mix of reusable and single use contact lenses.

Bausch and Lomb contact lenses are well known among those who need extra help for stigmatisms or glaucoma. If you suffer from more than just poor vision, than Bausch and Lomb may have the contact lenses that are right for you and your ailment.